Presenter Training 101 - Part 2

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This course is an introduction to our framework for creating great online presentations.

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The How (Technical)

Managing hardware, software and your home studio space

  • Hardware - The physical equipment you use to deliver your presentations
  • Software - The digital products you use to connect, engage and present
  • Studio - The space you use to deliver your content to the world
  • Goal - Pro Quality & Seamless, Backup Plans
  • Bandwidth - Streaming Video - SpeedTest
  • Presenter Audio - Microphone, backup Mic
  • Presenter Visual - Camera Placement, Lighting, Backdrop
  • Screen Share - Video & Streaming

Presenter & Coaching Tools

Resources for presenting remotely; hardware, software and studio space

Your Bandwidth
Check out internet upload and download speed

Studio Hardware

Engagement Tools & Software
Presenting using visuals and slideshows

Polling Tools

Video Analysis Tools

We hope these resources help to give you some ideas to get you started.

Presenter Tools - PDF

The How - The Tech

Utilize this survey as a component of your learning throughout the course.

Course Engagement Survey

What presentation tools are you most comfortable using?

What new tools do you think would help enhance your presentations?

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