Webi-Gnar Online Training Sessions

Dreaming of snowboarding and need a positive outlet?

My Snow Coach is Webi-Gnar online training sessions begin again November 12, 2020! Stay tuned. We will be rolling out a full Broadcast schedule in October.

For the launch of this new training product, we are offering free sessions, open to everyone. While the true "gnar" is out on the mountain, that should not stop you from scoring some points in the offseason. Our mission with the Webi-Gnar training session is to help build the skills needed to help riders achieve their riding goals, keep their progression moving forward and to connect with riders from around the world. We hope to share the stoke and better connect to the never-ending chase of the Gnar. The term "gnar" is in direct reference to the term coined by ski legend Shane McConkey and the Game of Gnar. Join us for a session to play, train, and laugh.

Webi-Gnar Session Schedule: Next Session November 12, 2020  
Second Thursday of the month at 5 pm Pacific Time

Full schedule of weekly Webi-Gnar Broadcasts, details coming soon.

  • Saturday, April 18 - Webi-Gnar #1 - Freestyle Jib Skills #1
  • Saturday, April 25 - Webi-Gnar #2 - Stance & Carving
  • Saturday, May 2, 2020 - Webi-Gnar #3 - Freestyle Jib Skills #2
  • Saturday, May 9, 2020 - Webi-Gnar #4 - Gear & Tuning
  • Saturday, May 16, 2020 - Webi-Gnar #5 - Freestyle Jib Skills #3

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Webi-Gnar Online Training Sessions - Snowboard Webinar

Download and signup for the Zoom Meeting App prior to the start of the session.

Freestyle Jib SessionGear you will need for the training session

  • Practice Feature: Tape on the Floor, Piece of Wood (2x4), Plastic Curb
  • Gear Option #1: No board, Boots or Sneakers
  • Gear Option #2: Snowboard, Snowboard Boots
  • Gear Option #3: Jib Board, Shoes
  • You can train no matter what gear you have at hand.

Link to Zoom Webi-Gnar Training Sessions

All Webi-Gnars have English speaking coaches with Mandarin translation provided.
My Snow Coach 线上论坛 - 4/19周日(北京,台北,香港,新加坡时间)早上9点,(东京时间早上10点) 以上链接任何人都可以参与。


My Snow Coach - Webi-Gnar Snow Sports Training

Webi-Gnar Private Online Training Session

Receive training from a My Snow Coach Pro Trainer from anywhere in the world. We build each Webi-Gnar Private Sessions around the rider's personal skills, goals, and interests. From each session, a rider will come away with skills and exercises to practice on and off the snow. We record the session so the rider can keep their coaching session to go back and review anytime.

  • Goal Setting & Milestones
  • Recreating Riding Sensations
  • Rider Media Review
  • Progression & Skill Development
  • Brain Training & Imagery Techniques
  • Rider Receives Recorded Session

Webi-Gnar Private Session

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The first Gnar session was great, looking forward to the next one!

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