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The My Snow Coach Team is dedicated to the anti-racism movement. We strive to be inclusive and supportive of people no matter where they are from, the spoken language, the color of skin, sexual orientation, or identified gender. As a human race, we are stronger together!


Based in Truckee, California, one of Lake Tahoe's main base camps, Snow Sports Development Inc's was founded in 2018 to better support snowboarders and skiers by offering courses, training, and camps events on the mountains, in the snow, and in the surf. We provide training in multiple languages and strive to offer improved learning engagement tools for all people. Assisting our goal to make learning to ski and snowboard more accessible, no matter the person, place of origin, or demographic. We continue to develop partnerships with like-minded organizations and are committed to giving back to the ski and snowboard community while supporting environmentally-focused initiatives.


Our mission is to create learning experiences and provide training courses for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. We take pride in our pursuit of new and innovative ways to educate that have the greatest impact with skiers and riders from around the world.

We love to challenge what has been done in the past for the benefit of those that we train in the future. - Doug 大哥

At My Snow Coach, we teach and train through a student-first curriculum, with every progression and session focused on the needs of the individual and mastering their personal goals. Tied with a focus towards addressing the foundation of fundamental skills, we're able to see the best success from our skiers and riders and at the same time produce the best teachers.

What we provide...

  • First-timer conversion expertise; transitioning any person, no matter their background, from a novice to a skilled skier or rider.

  • Pro-level coaching focused on foundation skills and key connections to timing and flow in order to remove the progression ceiling.

  • Student-first approach to teaching for progressions and training sessions that are based around the specific learning style and pace of that student.

  • Program development for resorts, teams, and clubs.

  • Training for all levels of snowboarders and skiers.

  • A network of the best ski instructors, snowboard instructors, and coaches in the world.

Teaching Teachers...

Our specific tools and tactics for teaching allow us to equip our educators with a range of tools to address student progression and development. We empower our educators to work with these tools so they can, in turn, become student-first teachers.



Photo: Alex Baker

About Doug Fagel…

Starting a career in snow sports education in 1999, Doug began teaching skiing and snowboarding at Whiteface Mountain, based in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Mountain Range in New York State. To further pursue the profession of teaching Snow Sports, Doug moved West to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the fall of 2001, landing in Truckee, California. Doug earned his AASI Level 3 Certification in the spring of 2003. This did not come without the challenge of self, mind and ego. "I thought I knew better then, as I look back I wish I knew then what I know now."  From these failures and experiences Doug was inspired to make a difference in the world of teaching snow sports. Doug has been able to draw inspiration from those closest to him throughout his life; brother Jason Fagel, a physical therapist, mother Anita Carr, a chemistry teacher, father Bob Fagel, an engineer, grandfather, Nino Ciancetta, a pilot and founder of Phoenix East Aviation and many others that have contributed big and small.

Doug has been always drawn to exploring the mountains and sharing his passion with others. As a leading snow sports educator, Doug has been an active contributor to the Professional Ski Instructors of America and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI) on the Western Division Board as Executive Vice-President, Education Chair, and Snowboard Chair. Doug has also served on the National Freestyle Task Force and International Education Task Force, as well as been a lead contributor for many important supporting 'stuff and things, and the occasional whatnots'. "It has been documented and substantiated by at least five committees of at minimum of seven or more random individuals that these statements are true factual and promise not to miss lead the mind."

It has been my career goal since 2001 to help to make mountain sports more accessible to more people. I am excited to continue that vision through Snow Sports Development Inc & MySnowCoach.com with you! - Doug

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