Training Guide PSIA AASI Level Two

Prepare for your PSIA AASI Level 2 Certification with My Snow Coach!

The PSIA AASI Level Two Certification is based around introducing riders to the broad aspects of terrain and skiing and snowboarding techniques. Because of this broad focus, we like to consider Level Two as the introduction to everything that skiing and snowboarding have to offer. Level 2 is the intermediate certificate in the PSIA AASI Certification Pathway. Participants should be able to teach students in the beginner and intermediate terrain zones and introduce skiers/riders to advanced terrain.

This guide will provide a wide range of resources for instructors targeting the three primary skill zones and their corresponding fundamentals:

  • People Skills
  • Teaching Skill
  • Technical Skill

PSIA AASI Skiing & Riding Tasks - All Certification Levels
- DRAFT Document
AASI Snowboard Tasks & Descriptions - PDF


PSIA AASI Coaching Fundamentals
Safety, Responsibility & Etiquette
Student-Centered Teaching
Snow Sports Movement Analysis
PSIA AASI Level 2 Training Videos
Progression Building
New Instructor Resources
Stage of Motor Development